Apink Park Cho rong has become a special DJ of MBC's standard FM "Starry Night"

‘Starry Night' released the special DJ lineup on their official website on April 8. Park Cho rong appeared on the show as a special DJ on April 9.

Park Cho rong has been featured as a special DJ for "Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time" in 2016, and has shown off her skills in a number of programs and events by taking MCs such as "Korea Music Festival," "Buchon International Animation Festival" in 2018 and "RONG TIME NO SEE" in 2019. Expectations are high for Park Cho-rong, who has been loved by fans for her usually clear, fine voice and witty entertainment, to appear as a special DJ for "Starry Night."

Starring Park Cho rong, "Starry Night" is available from 10:05 p.m. April 9 (local time) through MBC Radio Standard FM Seoul and Gyeonggi Province 95.9 MHz, Radio Application "Mini" and "Visible Radio."

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