Leading foreign media outlets rushed to report on the new YouTube record for the Black Pink music video "Kill This Love."

On April 8, American billboard said "Black Pink has become an absolute powerhouse on YouTube, “Kill This Love” has created a new history on K-pop,". Forbes called Black Pink a "revolution" and "Queen of K-pop," highlighting that among global pop stars, the girl group has embarked on a new chart dominance.

Most of the big successful K-pop groups in the U.S. are boy groups, but Black Pink is an exception, Rolling Stone said, adding that “Black Pink has a variety of music spectra, including EDM, trap and hip-hop. We've also captured the top spot on YouTube by announcing our presence on various U.S. charts.”

A British magazine that focuses on Black Pink's YouTube record, Metro said "breaking all records, Music video has garnered 56.7 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours, and it's the shortest YouTube video in the world to hit 100 million views.” The BBC also said “Black Pink has achieved a new record on YouTube and described the performance of Black Pink, which is suitable for the modifier ‘Youtube Fairy’”.

And also MTV said, "Black Pink's comeback was intense. In an image I've never seen before, the new song captures all of Black Pink's charm and merit. They're back for the girl group's powerhouse position, unique of Black Pink Bay in rave reviews of their presence.”

BLACKPINK has been in the limelight by foreign media, is setting a new YouTube record. The music video for "Kill This Love" has set the world's No. 1 record with the most watched video in 24 hours on YouTube. It has garnered 56.7 million views in 24 hours since its release at midnight on April 5, surpassing the previous record of global pop stars.

In addition, BLACKPINK won the honor of surpassing 100 million views in the music video with the shortest record in YouTube's history. It surpassed 100 million views in just 2days and 14 hours. setting a new world record.

Black Pink, firmly established as a global girl group, took the stage at the U.S. Coachella Festival on April 12 and 19, meet local music fans, and started a full-fledged North American tour starting in Los Angeles in the U.S. from April 17.

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