The group ATEEZ is dominating global fandom with tremendous growth. 
After five cities in the Americas in March, ATEEZ hosted " ATEEZ – The Expedition Tour" in 10 European cities, including London and Moscow, and a total of 15 cities.

Through the European tour, ATEEZ has captivated local fans with its next-generation performance down energy, stage grip and live performance that is unwavering against powerful sword dance.

In particular, with local fans going wild, singing all of the songs of the Korean alphabet, ATEEZ was able to greet each other with friendly foreign language or reciprocate the positive response with a highly-completed stage. 

In addition to the group’s strong appearance, a European tour showed the diverse appeal of the ATEEZ team. ATEEZ also actively and charismatically communicated with local fans, which is 180 degrees different from how they are on stage. 

ATEEZ 's latest overseas tour was an unusual achievement for a rookie group. Major media outlets in each country, including Grammy and Billboard, MTV USA, CHICA, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, ATEEZ London, as well as the thousands of fans signed up for the event in Berlin. 

The average number of requests for concerts in all 15 tour cities, ending at more than 5,000, is surprising as the number of requests in French City of Paris alone exceeded 10,000 according to My Music Taste, a user-based global concert platform that hosted the ATEEZ World tour.

Since data from My Music Taste is based on requests from fans who have signed up for membership, the choice of cities and concert halls shall be based on real names, mobile phones, and social data of the people requesting.  The number of viewers in the next world tour is expected to increase dramatically. 

Also, ATEEZ. is making its debut on Billboard's Social50 chart at the end of the European tour, embellishing the finale of the tour, heralding the birth of "Global Super Rookie."

Following the successful conclusion of its first overseas tour, ATEEZ will continue to meet its fans with activities such as appearing on the main stage of the "2019 KCON JAPAN (2019 KCON Japan) at Makuharimese in Tokyo in May.

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