Shownu of the group MONSTA X is sweeping the entertainment world.
Recently, Shownu has appeared in a series of entertainment programs, creating a new sensation as an entertainment trend. In particular, Monsta X, a group that exudes sexy and intense charisma on the stage, is being spotlighted anew for its "anti-war charm" of Shownu.

Starting with dance competitions such as "Hit the Stage," "The Law of the Jungle" and "Lipstick Prince Season 1 and 2," Shownu's entertainment appeal, which had previously been in various entertainment fields such as beauty and real variety, began to shine even more through "Real Men's 300" last year. Shownu, who seems to be good at anything with his robust physique and colorful visuals, showed surprise anti-war vanity in his unexpected clumsy manner, such as getting zero points due to a target error and tasting "military canapes" and expressing emotion. This was enough to give viewers a feeling of sympathy and laughter, and for Shownu to earn a reputation for creating new entertainment characters.

In addition, the latest episode of "My Little Television V2" also showed off pleasant energy with subjects that were special to him, such as exercise and dancing. Clearly different contents such as "Slow Content" and "Costume Machine Dance" have given viewers a different fun meeting with their own wild charms, while the breath of TV partner Na Ha-eun and Chattok has become a point of fresh shock and pleasant laughter.

Shownu, who is known as a big eater and gourmet of idol groups, also gained more attention through his new concept eating show "Ohm-boo" as a YouTuber. Appearing in Vietnamese food to colorful eating shows such as Wang Donkas and the "Nuschlin Guide," (which features a special combination of food from Shownu), Shownu captured the hearts of those who saw it as fun not seen in other entertainment programs. Based on this, viewers continue to pay keen attention every week to what the menu and eating show will be. 

In addition, he recently made a surprise appearance as an exchange prisoner on tvN's "Ho Guards' Bread Life" and re-introduced agitated "Baby Shark" as a sexy dance, drawing great attention.

As such, Shownu has successfully emerged as a new character in the entertainment industry, boasting a wide range of entertainment spectra ranging from quirky and pleasant charm to eating show master to YouTuber. Based on another anti-war charm, Shownu's performance in many entertainment shows is alreadyexpected, based on the global trend of MONSTA X, which boasts an on-stage wild side and has won fans' hearts from around the world.

Meanwhile, Monsta X, which includes Shownu, will host the "2019 JAPAN FAN CONCERT 'PICNIC' in six Japanese cities from July 27 and will travel to 18 cities around the world with the World Tour

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