JB and Yugyeom's GOT7 unit Jus2 (Jerstu) completed the showcase in Bangkok, Thailand, and cheered some 13,500 fans.
Jus2 hosted "Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCE TOUR" in Bangkok for a total of three days from Wednesday to Friday.

The upcoming Jus2 Bangkok showcase tour sold out as soon as the scheduled two performances open tickets and added one more with enthusiastic support from fans. It also proved its hot popularity throughout the three days when the concert was held, with its performance-related hashtags topping the real-time trend rankings on Thailand's Twitter.

In addition, BamBam, a member of GOT7, who enjoys high popularity in Thailand, took the role of special MC and started shooting for support, adding to the excitement of the concert.

JB and Yugyeom, who captivated fans with strong and colorful performances on the showcase stage, expressed their humble mindset by expressing their gratitude for filling up the showcase tour for three days at a big concert hall, and said that they will work hard to return to a more grown-up look.

Starting in Macau, "Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR" offers a variety of attractions and fun to countless fans in each city, including Tokyo, Taipei, Osaka, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore. The grand scale of 11 performances in seven cities shows the global popularity of Jus2.

The GOT7 is expected to make a full comeback on May 20. In the first teaser video released on Wednesday, the album "2019.05.20 SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INCURITY" and "2019.06-16 GRAND START OF WORLD TORLD TORROUR" will be released in 2019 as a tour.

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