With Apink Jung Eun-ji predicting a duet with 10cm Kwon Jung-yeol, the mood is high as it unveiled a new album cover.
The agency, PlayM Entertainment, released a surprise cover image of Jung Eun-ji's new song "Walking Together" on its official fan cafe and SNS channel at midnight on Monday.

In the released image, Jung Eun-ji, the main character of the duet, and Kwon Jeong-yeol, 10cm, sit on the stairs together under the warm spring sunshine. Against the backdrop of flowering trees, the two look down together, creating a sweet spring treat in a warm atmosphere. Since the two artists' personal images earlier, the reaction has been hot as they were revealed in the same space together.

Just a day before the release of the song on Thursday, Jung is heating up the mood by releasing colorful images, lyrics and Instances related to "Walking Together" and releasing a 30-second recording studio live. Fans are excited to see the birth of an all-time spring carol with their super-special collars.

Jung Eun-ji, who returns to her fans six months after her third mini album "Hyehwa" in October, foresaw a song that matches the season of spring. As Jung Eun-ji, the "Healing Goddess of Spring," a hit with "Sky Barraagi" and "Your Spring," questions are growing for her new song

The new song, in particular, was produced by Jung Eun-ji herself to capture her own warm and bright music colors. Jung has been proving her skills as a singer-songwriter by participating in writing and composing a number of songs, including the entire song of her third mini album "Hyehwa" and "Sky Baragi."

As a result, attention is focusing on whether Jeong Eun-ji, who is the strongest in the spring healing song, and Kwon Jeong-yeol, who is 10cm tall, will shake the music charts this spring with their duet song "Walk Together."

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