Black Pink shed hot tears at a concert in Hamilton, Canada. It was a moment filled with gratitude for the enthusiastic response of the fans.

BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUUR AREA] HAMILTON at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, Canada on Wednesday (local time).

The concert hall was the venue where Black Pink's wide fan base could be realized. Local Canadian fans of various ages, ranging from young children to middle-aged people, gathered in one place to watch the Black Pink concert.

Before the members of Black Pink appeared on the stage, fans started shouting. The concert hall had already been heated up with only the music video reflected on the big screen.
Black Pink, which kicked off the concert with its previous mega-hit song "Cutdu-Toothpick," sheds conflicting charms with "Forever Young," robbing fans of the spotlight.

BLACKPINK went on to say, "I'm really happy and honored to perform for the first time at the First Ontario Center in Canada. "They also made fans even more excited by shouting, "I hope we all have a good time tonight."

Fans were surprised by Black Pink's title songs, including its new song "Kill This Love" and debut song "Bumbaya," as well as other songs from the album, including "Really," "See U Later" and "Kick It." In addition, the solo stage, in which all members showed their full capacity, dominated the show.

Rose, in particular, was singing "You & I" when she blushed at the enthusiastic cheering of local fans. Lisa was also moved by her enthusiasm for "No-gil" on the encore stage. Fans who shed tears of regret as they said goodbye to BLACKPINK after the last performance were also spotted throughout the audience.

BLACKPINK, which successfully wrapped up its Hamilton concert in Canada, will face American fans once again at Newark on May 1 and 2.

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