AB6IX Kim Dong hyun showed off his charisma by releasing a photo of his personal teaser.

Brand New Music released two teaser photos of Kim Dong hyun on AB6IX's official SNS channels at noon April 10. It drew attention from the fans.

In the released teaser, Kim Dong hyun is wearing a black shirt and a jacket, stared at the camera with intense eyes reminiscent of a vampire, and in another photo, which gave him points with a burgundy-colored belt, caught his eye by showing a look that looked like he had ripped out a cartoon with a dim look.

Also, the teaser photo of Kim Dong hyun, which was released, following a teaser photo of Lim Young min, Jeon woong and Park Woo jin, was expressed in a new form, sparking curiosity again.

Brand New Music's new boy band AB6IX, which is emerging as the best rookie in the music industry in 2019, will further speed up their preparations for debut slated for May with the addition of their new member ‘Jeon woong’

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