[The Fact] 'Bae Jin Young's Birthday Event in Progress!'

The idol weekly ranking site FAN N STAR is hosting singer Bae Jin young's birthday support on last 25. Currently, 135% of the project has been achieved.

Bae Jin young's birthday market will be completed with the cooperation of FAN N STAR and fans. The number of stars (points that can be gathered from a site) that will determine success.

If 100,000 stars are reached, a congratulatory video will be displayed on the electronic display board of the waiting room in 43 stations on Seoul Subway Line 2. Once 300,000 stars are reached, congratulatory videos will be shown on Seoul Subway Line 2 and Apgujeong CGV screen electronic display board.

If the number of stars reaches to 600,000, the advertisement will also be advertised for the travel bus, and when the number of stars reaches 900,000, the ad posting site will be expanded to the Hongdae Station Multivision.

Bae Jin young's birthday support has surpassed 100 percent, confirming the subway advertisement. Amid the steady participation of fans, we are looking forward to meeting all the target figures for the rest of days.

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