[The Fact] FAN N STAR is working on a project to advertise the birthday of the group's KNK Oh Hee jun.

The idol weekly ranking site FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, held a birthday event for Oh Hee jun on April 12. It is a global project where birthday ads are posted in various places in Korea and Japan.

This event is a support type event where fans from home and abroad can participate together. The success rate of the event will be determined by the star (point that can be gathered on the site) according to the participation of the fans. The more stars are gathered, the more celebratory ads are placed in various places.

Participation in the event is available at the Star Market section of the fan and star website. It is a way to donate the stars that fans have worked hard on to Oh Hee jun's birthday market. Stars can be easily obtained by doing various activities on the site.

Currently, Oh Hee jun's birthday project has been achieved by 45 percent. With 3 days left before the event's end, attention is focusing on if it will be able to surpass 100% during the remaining period.

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