Group MONSTA X has won two awards at The Fact Music Awards.

At the "2019 The Fact Music Awards" held at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on last 24, Monsta X won both the Best Performance Award and the Artist of the Year award.

On this day, MONSTA X mesmerized the audience perfectly with their powerful and colorful stage.

In "Alligator" stage, which started out as an attractive intro, the sexiness of their unique wildness shone even more brilliant. Especially, the harsh and unrivaled performance overwhelmed the audience's attention, heating up the atmosphere at the more. In the ensuing "Shoot Out" stage, they showed off the presence of the mainstream group with a perfect sword dance. The audience responded to the stage with a loud shout after seeing the all-time performance culminating in power and intensity.

MONSTA X, which grabbed two gold medals at the The Fact Music Awards held for the first time this year, once again conveyed its happy acceptance speech through their agency Starship Entertainment.

Recently, MONSTA X completed their successful domestic activities with the second part of their second full-length album, "TAKE.2 WE ARE ARE HERE", and the title track "Alligator" of the album and has starts on various global activities around the world.

With the Japanese single "Shoot Out" released last month, it has achieved stellar results, ranking No. 1 on the local record label Tower Records Daily, No. 1 on the weekly chart, and No. 2 on Japan's largest aggregated website Oricon Chart Daily and Weekly Chart, and winning "Gold Disc," which is only given to singles sold more than 100,000 copies of the single in the country. It is also taking a unique global step, starting with a successful performance in Seoul that showed off on last 13 to 14, and holding their third world tour around the world, including in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North and South America.

MONSTA X will host the WE ARE HERE, a world tour that connects 18 cities around the world until August of this year.

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