AVOKID released her first digital single "Color" through various online music sites on April 10.

 ‘Color' is a self-composed version of the story that when you like someone, you can see the colorful colors you have, and the got bigger your mind is towards him, the more special the color also feels.

The cheerful sound that goes with spring, and the lyrics that seem confident and confident, while the heart-to-heart lamentation of unrequited love, are expected to blend in with AVOKID’s charming voice, mesmerizing the eardrums of listeners.

AVOKID is a producer and singer-songwriter who has recently emerged from the Naver Musician League with pop music based on the R&B genre. She has a soulful voice that feels different from her cute image and is impressing the risers with her own unique tone.

AVOKID’s first official single "Color" can be viewed on various online music sites.

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