Boy group VAV unveiled a story that has grown as a "Global Rookie."

‘PromiSINGER’ is a show of composition with entertainment elements added to the Human Documentary Show featuring ordinary teenagers growing into singers, unveiling systematic Korean agency systems to viewers around the world who are curious about how K-pop singers are being created, and a new concept program that watches trainees become viewers' hearts-getting singers together.

Through the broadcast, VAVs reveal the background and process of their debut to the 2019 Super Rookie of the Year, drawing attention with VAV's behind-the-scenes stories, which were not seen anywhere in the world, as well as interviewing each member's charm.

Starting with "Venus," VAV has been collecting the top music charts for their music video record of 23 million views and recently released mini-album "THRILLA KILLA" since "Flower," "ABC," "She's Mine" and "Spotlight," a remake of German singer K won's songs, began receiving word of mouth in October last year.

In the same year, VAV, which successfully wrapped up its world tour that encompasses 28 performances in some 23 cities around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Europe, Japan and Thailand, held its second "2019 U.S. Tour" from Saturday thanks to fierce local reactions.
It is also scheduled to perform at the "KCON 2019 JAPAN" stage at the Metse International Exhibition Hall in Makuhari, Japan, from May 17 to 19.

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