GREE finally drew attention by unveiling cover images and tracklists of her new EP album "VAGUE."

The cover image and tracklist were released through official channels of SNS and Brand New Music, are drawing much attention as soon as it is released, and the cover image has created a situation where several small cameras seem to peek at it, left an even stronger impression as it directly expresses the situation in which he had to stand in front of numerous cameras in the interest of many people since childhood.

Revealed that he participated in writing and composing all of the album's songs through a tracklist, GREE focused more on the album's work than ever before and did his best to capture his own colors in the album.

Having quietly walked his way as a musician after signing with Brand New Music, GREE is known to have worked hard to prepare for the album's completion by setting up his own visual-detecting team as well as music.

Starting with her first debut single "19" GREE's first EP "VAGUE" was released through online music sites at 6 p.m. on April 12. as he proudly became an artist by building her own career for three years.

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