The Mixed Duo Couples Dairy released a teaser image of their new song ‘봄빛 꽃빛 눈빛’ on their official SNS on April 10.

created excitement by posing a friendly couple against the backdrop of cherry blossoms and bunnies. In particular, the scene of the couple dairy, which stimulated their spring sensibility, was enough to raise expectations for their new song ‘봄빛 꽃빛 눈빛’

For about two years, the Coup Diary has released songs about lovers' love stories, including ‘예쁜짓 해볼까,’ ‘넌 멍멍 난 야옹’ and ‘뽀뽀하면 삐짐’ Couples Diary will aim for this year's signature spring couple song with their new song ‘봄빛 꽃빛 눈빛’.

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