TWICE has shown signs of winning six consecutive platinum certifications with their second Japanese album "#TWICE2."

TWICE's second best Japanese album "#TWICE2," released on March 6, received platinum certification from the Recording Association of Japan on April 10.

TWICE has continued their new record by winning the Platinum certification, which is given to works that record sale of more than 250,000 copies in the country.

Starting with the Japanese debut best album "#TWICE" released in June 2017, the group has won three consecutive platinum certifications with their first single "One More Time" in October, second single "Candy Pop" in February 2018, and the first female artist to win a double platinum award among the third singles “Wake me up” released in May. The first full-length Japanese album "BDZ," which was released in September, also recorded platinum.

The album "#TWICE2" stuck to No. 1 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart until the seventh day of its release, setting the No. 1 and the tie-breaking record for the seventh consecutive day of their first full-length Japanese album "BDZ," and taking the No. 1 spot for a total of 13 days. In addition, according to Oricon on April 10, the album topped the Oricon monthly album chart in March 2019.

The fame of "Asia's One-Top Girl Group" is expected to continue. Recently, TWICE hosted a dome tour in Japan with "K-pop Girl Group for the first time" and set a record for "the shortest period of entry into Tokyo Dome since its debut as an overseas artist." Last month, they performed a dome tour of five performances in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya under the title "#Dreamday" of 2019 on the Twice Dome tour, or 'TWICE DOME TOUR 2019.

TWICE will release their fourth Japanese single "HAPPY HAPPY" on July 17 and its fifth single "Breakthrough" on July 24. In an unusual move for an overseas artist, they will offer conflicting charms and continue their hit streak with a promotion called "The Single Announcement for the second consecutive week."

The "Twice World Tour 2019" is also expected from domestic and foreign ONCE. Starting with a two day Seoul concert on May 25 to 26, TWICE will host a world tour of nine cities around the world, including Bangkok on June 25 to 26, Manila on June 29, Singapore on July 13, Los Angeles on June 17, Mexico City on July 17, Newark on June 21, Chicago on June 23 and Kuala Lumpur on August 17.

TWICE released their seventh mini album "Fancy You" and title track "FANCY" in Korea at 6 p.m. on April 22 and successfully made their comeback.

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