[The Fact] The group's 100% Chan yong took a selfie with his electronic display board ads prepared by fans.

100% Chan yong posted several photos on his Instagram account on May 2. In the released photo, Chan yong poses variously in front of the birthday display prepared by his fans.

Chan yong celebrated his 27th birthday on April 29. In response, fans prepared birthday electronic display boards in various places with congratulations, and Chan yong responded by visiting them and leaving them with a photo of them.

Wearing a sprite shirt and torn jeans, Chan yong posed on his face and showed off his warm appearance in front of the electronic display board. This electronic display board is a multivision that is located at Hongik University Station as an electronic display requested by fans through FAN N STAR. Chan yong thanked the fans for hanging the advertisements in celebration of his birthday.

FAN N STAR offers a variety of idol electronic display board support every week. Depending on the attainment rate, people can put up ads for birthday celebrations on Hongdae, subway electronic display boards and Apgujeong CGV screens. It is receiving explosive attention from fans as any idol fan can participate.

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