Before making a comeback, the boy group "THE BOYZ" has begun to unveil its teaser content in earnest.

At midnight on the April 12th, The Boyz released their personal comeback photo for their second single " Bloom Bloom," which was released on the 29th, through official SNS channels and others, and is now on the countdown to full-scale comeback. The comeback for The Boyz is anticipated as it is set to take off the veil in stages, three per day, on a total of four occasions.

The Boyz's second single, "Bloom Bloom," released at 6 p.m. on April 29th, is an early bar "Romance Fantasy" single filled with boys' pure softness and "boy sensibility of The Boyz.

The Boyz's second single, "Bloom Bloom," is available at each online music site. The Boyz won five new K-pop awards last year and will start on an Asian tour with eight Asian cities set in May to continue their career as a next-generation global idol across the country and abroad.

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