Attention is drawn to Black Pink's large outdoor advertisement as it is appearing on streets of major U.S. cities.

Black Pink performed at the Coachella Festival, the largest music festival in the U.S., at 12 p.m. on April 13 (Korea Time) for the first time as a K-pop idol group. From April 17, they met with local fans on a North American tour that began in Los Angeles, followed by six cities and eight performances.

Earlier in the day, outdoor advertisements for Black Pink were installed in various parts of the U.S., drawing the attention of passers-by. Outdoor ads were located in major locations such as Times Square in New York, the Los Angeles Beverly Center, downtown Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Sunset & La Cienaga.

It is hosted by Universal Music's Label Interscope, the largest U.S. record label that signed a contract with Black Pink, with various local promotions, including the outdoor ad.

The title track "Kill This Love" from Black Pink's new EP album has ranked fourth on the global top 50 chart and 35th on the top 50 chart in the U.S. at Spotify, the world's largest music source site, since its release.

Black Pink has achieved a high performance as a K-pop group in the spotify, which has a global ripple effect of 197 million users. Especially, it was ranked at the top of the charts along with world-renowned musicians BILLIE EILISH, JONAS BROTHERS and ARIANA GRANDE.

"Kill This Love" topped iTunes song charts in 37 regions worldwide, including the United States. It is the first Korean girl group to top the iTunes song chart in the U.S. In addition, it ranked No. 1 in Japan's iTunes overall album category, K-pop album category and No. 1 in the Line Music Song Top100 rankings.

The music video for "Kill This Love" surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in 2 days and 14 hours, the world's shortest record, and has now surpassed 160 million views.

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