The chemistry of VIXX Ravi and GFRIEND Eunha has added to the sweet charm of the new song.

The title track of the 2019 Pepsi K-pop collaboration "Blossom," which drew attention with a unique collaboration as talented rapper VIXX Ravi and emotional voice GFRIEND Eunha participated in the singing and was produced by the country's top producer team, Groovy Room, is receiving positive reviews from various online music charts at the same time as it was released on April 11.

The new song and music video have been receiving heated reactions from the listeners, including "A charming song with a Groovy Room’s beat, rapping or Ravi and a Eunha’s voice," "A different collaboration has made the playlist colorful," "A music video that is the spring love thrill itself, a song that makes you feel better."

The title track "BLOSSOM" of the 2019 Pepsi K-pop collaboration project is joined by VIXX Ravi, GFRIEND Eunha and Groovy Room, can be heard through various online music sites.

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