Overseas fans are very enthusiastic about the new group "DONGKIZ," which made their debut recently.

Dongkiz debuted with "DONGKIZ ON THE BLOCK" on April 24.

Dong-Kiz attended the "HEC KOREA CONCERT" held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 17 last year to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between South Korea and Japan. At that time, he met local fans including Wanna One, MONSTA X, Pentagon, Teen Top and The Boyz.

And they also attended "A Charity Concert to Help Victims of Indonesia's Earthquake" in Jakarta on Nov. 30. staged with the title track "NOM," a pre-release album.

To response to fans love, Dongkiz was invited to the JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2018, Thailand's biggest music awards event, where busking and interviews with local media are also held.

Through its debut promotion, which took place both at home and abroad, Dongkiz has been building awareness by communicating with about 70,000 fans and will once again promote name and face with their official debut.

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