The personal teaser image of the Verivery Yeon ho has been released.

Yeon ho’s teaser was the fifth individual teasers of their second mini album "VERI-ABLE" through official SNS channels at midnight, noon and twice on April 12, drawing explosive reactions from fans for their comeback.

In the teaser image released at midnight first, Yeon ho is staring at the camera with a deep gazed eye. The close up that fills the screen also boasts a dream come true, while Yeon ho's visual, which crosses a boy and a man with a light smile.

In the image released at noon, Yeon ho showed maturity in his blue shirt and natural poses, while boasting a sharp side line in another cut and grabbing attention with a variety of charms.

Verivery confirmed their comeback on April 24, and made a successful comeback.

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