Singer Seong ri has started his career as a solo artist.
The first mini-album "First, Love" of Seong ri was released on various music sites at noon on April 15.

Seong ri's "First, Love" is an album that melts the first sense of love that everything in the world looks beautiful and wants to give everything it has. It is a love song for all lovers who are experiencing or have experienced their first love and also contains the middle meaning of "First Album, Story of Love."

The title "That’s You" is a jazz-class ballad song that confesses passionate love. String sound above the piano melody, acoustic guitar and bass sound will complete the atmosphere of the dramatic song, with Seong ri's delicate vocals to stand out.

Seong ri delivered a special serenade with "First, Love," and also held a fan showcase at Hana Tour V-Hall at 8 p.m. on April 15.

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