The member of Apink, Kim Nam joo held a birthday fan meeting and spent a special time with fans.

The first solo birthday fan meeting of Apink Kim Nam joo was held at the Oatmeal Cooking Studio in Seocho-dong, Seoul, on April 13. A total of two small cooking classes were held at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., adding to the extra speciality with exotic plans.

Kim Nam joo said, "I wanted to invite many people, but I couldn't do it without opening it on such a small scale. It's been a very meaningful birthday party for 25 years. I think I'll remember whole my life. I think it's been great to have one thing, to have a conversation in a small place."

Kim Nam joo was communicating with fans impressive 80 minutes of the first birthday, successfully completed a fan meeting which the personality overflows. Kim Nam joo prepared gifts and self made cookies, and gave it to her fans one by one when her fans are leaving after the fan meeting. 

Kim Nam joo released a fan song on April 19 to mark Apink's eighth anniversary this year and held a fan meeting "Apink is 8 years old" at the Ocean Hall of Sejong University in Seoul on April 20 to meet with fans.

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