The group NU’EST finished their solo concert 2019 NU'EST CONCERT "Segno" IN SEOUL with great success.

NU’EST held their first solo concert in six years at the KSPO DOME in Seoul for a total of three days from April 12 to 14, breathing with about 36,000 fans, and giving off NU’EST’s incomparably colorful charm and energy to color the scene with enthusiasm.

Especially, the unit and solo stage, which could see the unique charm of NU'EST, doubled the joy of watching the concert. JR and Min hyun sang "Daybreak" in a voice full of sweetness, while "A Little Bit More," newly born with the voices of Aron, Baek ho and Ren, inspired emotion by the three people's desperate feelings making beautiful harmony.

In a flurry of encore requests at the end of the concert, NU'EST released a hand letter to fans and a stage called "A Song For You," which was released to mark the seventh anniversary of its debut, to repay fans' love for the first time. And the members said to their fans, "It took eight years to perform at this big concert hall. Thank you for being with us on this wonderful stage. I think you've made the dream that the five of us can see more clearly. I hope we'll spend the rest of our lives together. I'll make sure we do."

NU'EST has enriched its performance with units and solo stages with five members from the first stage through the concert.

NU'EST released their sixth mini album, 'Happy Ever After,' on April 29.

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