EVERGLOW ranked 7th in the girl group's brand reputation in April.

EVERGLOW ranked 7th after Black Pink, IZ*ONE, TWICE, Momoland, Mamamoo and Red Velvet, demonstrating their potential to settle in the top 10 at the same time as their debut, according to an analysis of the girl group's big data in April released by the Korean Brand Reputation Report.

The EVERGLOW’s brand was analyzed to have a brand reputation index of 4,044,937 as the participation index of 269,008 Media Index of 2,889,672 Communication Index of 141,658 Community Index of 744,599.

As a result of the analysis of brand big data measured from March 12 to April 13, proved once again the trend idol growth map with data with EVERGLOW, having a great time of entering seventh place at the same time as their first debut.

It is interesting to note that EVERGLOW's high-growth activities at home and abroad are drawing attention as they debuted as the No. 5 in the Billboard World Digital Song sales chart, No. 1 in the iTunes K-pop chart, No. 2 in the music section for two consecutive weeks, and no. 2 in the music broadcasts.

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