[The Fact] ‘Happy birthday, Jacob.’

FAN N STAR held a birthday celebration for the group, The Boyz Jacob, on May 3. It is a large advertising project to celebrate Jacob's birthday on May 30.

Jacob's birthday market is determined by the number of stars that fans donate (a point that they can gather on the site). The more stars there are, the more ads for Jacob's birthday are posted in many places.

When the star reaches 100 percent, a congratulatory video will be displayed on the electronic display board of the waiting room at 43 stations on Seoul Subway Line 2. Once 300 percent of the stars are reached, congratulatory images will be exposed to the electronic display board of the waiting room and the CGV screen of Apgujeong subway line 2.

When the star reaches 600 percent, the video will also appear on the multi-vision of Hongik University Station on subway line No. 2, and if the star reaches 900 percent, the advertisement for the travel bus will be carried out.

FAN N STAR opened Jacob's birthday support on May 4 last year. It was achieved 200 percent thanks to the enthusiastic love of the fans. A video of Jacob's birthday was shown from May 29 to June 4 of the same year at Shin Okubo Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, and 43 other waiting rooms on Seoul Subway Line 2.

Attention is focusing on whether Jacob's birthday project, which was held for the second consecutive year, will succeed following last year.

Jacob's birthday support runs until May 19, and he can participate in the "Star Market" section on the FAN N STAR website.

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