[The Fact] FAN N STAR opened a birthday ad project of A.C.E. Jun.

FAN N STAR opened Jun's birthday support on May 3. It is a large-scale advertising project that will be completed through cooperation between FAN N STAR and his fans.

Jun's birthday event will be held simultaneously on Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English websites. If more than 100,000 stars (point that can be collected from sites) are gathered for a project that was opened on Korean and Japanese websites, congratulatory ads will be placed in major centers of each country.

Once 300,000 are gathered, congratulatory videos will also be exposed to CGV screens in Apgujeong, Seoul. When the number reaches 600,000, video clips will also appear on the multivision of Hongik University Station on subway line No. 2, and if the number reaches 900,000, even the advertisement for the travel bus will be carried out.

Jun of the group A.C.E., which has gained much support from fans both at home and abroad. Attention is focusing on whether the surprise birthday gift prepared by his fans will be delivered well.

An idol anniversary ad organized by FAN N STAR is open to anyone and possible to participate in.

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