The Boyz has completed the release of their individual photos of all 12 members in four episodes, made successful comeback, drawing the attention of domestic and foreign fans.

Especially, the release of this concept is drawing more attention from fans than ever since The Boyz heralded a season-high musical and performance transformation through their new single "Bloom Bloom." Expectations are high on how The Boyz will surpass last year's "5 Rookie Award" and start his first career to achieve growth in 2019, will prove their popularity.

The Boyz's second single, "Blue Bloom," released on April 29, is an early "Romance Fantasy" single that can confirm the "boy sensibility" of the blooming boy, "The Boyz" under the keyword of purity and volume.

The Boyz's second single, "Bloom Bloom," is available on each online music site.

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