Black Pink's choreography video of 'Don't Know What to Do' has been released.

YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster for Black Pink's choreography "Don't Know What To Do" on their official blog.

The teaser poster drew attention as members of Black Pink wore  Pure White color costume and danced "Don't Know What to Do," which featured teamwork.

BLACKPINK previously performed "Don't Know What to Do" through a music broadcast, a vertical cam video by Jennie and Ji soo. It caught fans' attention with its title track "Kill This Love" and other feminine performances.

The choreography video for "Kill This Love," which was released on April 9, has garnered such high views that it currently surpassed 27 million views. The choreography video for "Don't Know What Tutu" is also drawing keen attention from teaser posters.

Expectations are high on whether Black Pink, which has achieved a billion views on five dance videos since its debut, will record a billion views this time with two new dance videos.

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