[The Fact] The group's Super Junior Ryeowook has topped the FAN N STAR singer rank for the 5 consecutive weeks.

Ryeowook topped the list with 3,812,358 votes in the first week of May for FAN N STAR, which ran from April 29 to May 6. BTS followed with 931,301 votes to stay in second place, while Hwang Chi yeul achieved an impressive third-place finish with 654,185 votes.

FAN N STAR will screen the news of the first-place celebration at the electronic display board located in Shinjuku, South Korea and Japan, if the artist tops the rank for the 5 consecutive week in the singer ranking. Also, if you win the top prize for 10 consecutive weeks, you will be inducted into the Hall of fame in Korea. Especially, it offers a variety of special benifits, including screening news of the awards through electronic displays located in Korea and Japan.

FAN N STAR will hold a vote for thr second week of May 6 to 13.

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