Girl group Midnight released their second pre-release song with unrivaled personality before their debut, raising expectations.

according to their management agency HI Entertainment, Midnight released their second project single "Girl Group’s Flooded" (Swish) and "Swish" below through various online music sites at noon on April 14.

Midnight's pre-released song "Swish" is the second project single to be released following "Girl group’s Flooded (Feat. Hwang In seon and Jdee)," which was released on March.

"Swish" is a combination word of "She" and "Wish," a dance song that contains messages about the dreams and hopes of the Midnight members, who are engrossed in practice for their successful debut. It added to the fun of listening to the members' candid stories in addictive melodies.

"Girl Groups’ Flooded" is a monthly project album released by Midnight before their official debut and will showcase the individuality and charm of each member through a colorful concept and tracks of various genres.

Midnight's second project single "Swish" can be found on various online music sites.

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