Singer Yoon Ji sung first unveiled the concept for his new album, raising expectations of his comeback.

Yoon Ji sung posted a concept photo of his special album "Dear Diary" on his official SNS.

The released photo shows Yoon Ji sung leaning on a chair inside the train that is seeping into the warm sun and looking out of the window.

Yoon Ji sung matched stripe T-shirts with jeans and black jackets, boasting a clean yet modern charm that smacks the spring atmosphere.

Yoon Ji sung, wearing a white cardigan in another photo, feels as if he is bright and soft. As if lost in thought, his face and deep eyes catch his eyes.

The title track "Your Page" is a medium genre that combines Yoon Ji sung's sweet vocals and acoustic guitars with a combination of the heart to keep all of our daily lives and memories and join in the story that will continue.

Yoon Ji sung released his special album "Dear Diary" on April 25.

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