Actor Hyun Bin successfully finished his Seoul fan meeting.

Actor Hyun Bin held 'LOG INTO THE SPACE -2019 HYUN BIN FAN MEETING TOUR' at Sejong University's Ocean Hall at 4 p.m. on the 13th and met with fans.

It was Hyun Bin's sweet voice that marked the start of the fan meeting. Appearing with a dark navy suit, Hyun Bin greeted fans with Ailee's "This You" with a clear voice, demonstrating his unrivaled presence.

At the situation drama section, the highlight of the performance, the drama was played with the concept of drawing audiences and dating Hyun Bin in person, satisfying the fans' fantasies.

Hyun Bin prepared "shallow," the OST for the movie "Star is born" with his own handwritten letter as an ending, expressed gratitude to the packed fans, while also expressing a thoughtful concern and emotion for the fans in Gangwon Province.

Hyun Bin successfully finished the Seoul fan meeting that will open the first stage of his 2019 fan meeting tour, is scheduled to continue his hot streak to Taiwan on April 20 and to Hong Kong on May 11.

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