The group NU’EST has unveiled their new album and the photos of the ‘Happily Ever After’.

NU’EST released the official photo of the new album ‘Happily Ever After’ and "OFFICIAL PHOTO VER. 1" on their official SNS on the 17th, raising expectations for their comeback.

First released photo of JR gave warmth with a bright beige suit, showing more sexy appeal by looking at the camera with deep and intense eyes. Aron showed off his gentle yet intense masculinity with a brown suit and reading a book-reading. Baekho has raised expectations for the concept of the upcoming album as he looks to revise questions by completing luxury with a suit with geometric patterns.

Minhyun matched a tie with a check pattern jacket, giving off a trendy look and holding a compass, redoubling the question of what organic nature the NU’EST album will have with its previous albums. And the last, Ren is wearing a colorful pattern of clothes and various accessories and is staring at something with a story-like look, creating a dreamy mood.

NU’EST is making public comeback by releasing more official photos following the video and teaser website, and is already drawing attention to another story that they will be showing in this album.

NU’EST's new album ‘Happily Ever After’ was released on April 29 at 6 p.m. on various online music sites.

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