I.M. of the group MONSTA X made collaboration with ELHAE.

ELHAE worked together with I.M.'s solo mixtape "HORIZON," where the two sensuous music-style singers met to further enhance the perfection of the song and boast their teamwork.

The meeting between the two artists, Especially, it draws more attention with the collaboration created by communication with Monsta X's fan club "Monbebe."

I.M. is a fan of ELHAE, mentioned through Naver V Live in 2017 that he wanted to collaborate with ELHAE. Then I.M. fans reported the news directly to ELHAE through SNS, and ELHAE responded positively by saying, "We're trying to get in touch, let's go global together."

This further amplified fans' curiosity about the solo mixtape, with I.M. reporting the news of a collaboration with ELHAE, an avid fan and emerging artist in the U.S. With the meeting of the two attractive artists, music fans raised expectations for their new song "HORIZON."

I.M.'s new solo mixtape "HORIZON," which drew attention with popular American artist ELHAE and collaboration, was unveiled on April 19 via the global music site iTunes, Sportify and Soundcloud, a global online music distribution platform.

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