Celebrating their eighth anniversary, girl group Apink has released a teaser featuring a jolly travel ahead of the fan song release.

The 27-second video released showed Apink members traveling on Jeju Island in an open car. The members ran around with a steady, bright expression or posed freely, creating a pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

In addition, a bit feeling melody and a cheering sound from the concert hall, creating curiosity about the new song.

Apink unveiled their fan song "Everybody Ready?" to mark their eighth anniversary on April 19. Especially, the new song added meaning to the lyrics of Jung Eun ji's participation in the lyrics, which depicts the tension and excitement ahead of the performance and happily becoming one with fans on stage based on her upbeat melodies.

In addition, Apink held a fan meeting "Apink is 8 years old" at the Daeyang Hall of Sejong University in Seoul on April 20 with the release of their fan song, to meet some 2,000 fans.

The mood is already heated at Apink's eighth anniversary party, which was be held after a successful performance with the title track "%" of thier eighth mini album "PERCENT" earlier this year.

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