The next runner in AB6IX storytelling was Kim Dong hyun’s perfect Visual.

Brand New Music focused their attention on the 18th by releasing a video of Kim Dong hyun's personal trailer through AB6IX's official SNS channels.

Kim Dong hyun in the video, wearing an intense red color suit, stirred up a sense of tension by losing his key to a mysterious man in a black hooded T-shirt while listening to music on the car's bonnet, and later Kim Dong  hyun's image in a different space appeared as a cross editing, causing curiosity.

Also drawing attention was the mysterious man and key, which appeared in earlier footage of Lee Dae hwi's personal trailer, and the congestion of the door, which seemed to lead to a different dimension.

Brand New Music's new boy band AB6IX, which is emerging as the best rookie in the music industry in 2019, is scheduled to make their official debut in May.

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