Boy group Newkidd will officially start their active activities in the K-pop scene.

Newkidd's debut title track "Tu eres" is a Spanish word meaning "you," a romance fantasy that expresses a boy's fresh love feelings that are in love with her like a blue rose. It is a dance song that you can feel the boy sensibility of Newkidd and the bright and healthy energy of them.

In addition, the song "First Spring," which features seven members of a rich harmony, is a spring song that allows you to feel the warm energy of the members of Newkidd. It is the first time since they debut that they met fans in spring.

Especially, Newkidd's debut album draws attention with the emotional concept of BOYS, which has become more mature than his pre-debut album due to the melting of Latin sensibilities. With a clear concept, fans are looking forward to what they will do on stage.

Newkidd released the song through various music sites at 6 p.m. on April 25 and they are active now with the title track "Tu éres."

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