The group NU’EST returned with their full-length album "Happily Ever After" on April 29 in about three years.

NU’EST heated up the mood for their comeback by unveiling the official photo of the sixth mini album "Happily Ever After" on their official SNS on April 17 to 18. While expectations are rising that they will be able to show their colorful concepts, they have dug up the "Official Photo," which is full of NU'EST's unique charm.

# ‘Happily Ever After’ OFFICIAL PHOTO VER. 1
The first public official photo showed the five members of the NU’EST group giving off an antique atmosphere with styling and objectivity that kept the personality of the five members alive, drawing heated reactions from fans. In addition, the members' unique atmosphere and visuals that seemed to pop out of a fairy tale book were reminiscent of the five articles, it is drawing attention.

Especially, there are a lot of opinions about what the "objects" in the public photo mean, and the news of NU'EST's comeback has been explosive.

# ‘Happily Ever After’ OFFICIAL PHOTO VER. 2
The second public photo, it captures the emotion of "NU’EST," which is gentle but more mature, in contrast to the mood that was revealed earlier. It released an upgraded look by unveiling a more languid and natural mood image, raising expectations for the comeback of its sixth mini album to the most.

With the keywords that NU’EST present in the album in fairy tales, worldviews and visuals, attention is focusing on what concept they are releasing in the second preface, as they have shown steady musical growth and attractive performances through each album.

NU’EST has been gaining huge attention even before their comeback, is receiving enthusiastic response from fans by launching a comeback promotion starting with the release of the video on the 15th and unveiling a teaser homepage that seems to be reading a fairy tale book and an opinion piece with a colorful atmosphere.

The sixth mini album, "Happily Ever After," started pre-orders through various online music sites on April 17 and released on various online music sites on April 29.

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