I.M. of the group MONSTA X has released a teaser video for the music video of the solo mixtape "HORIZON."

The I.M. in the released teaser video captures the eyes of viewers as it appears from various backgrounds, including a corridor filled with red lights, darkened spaces and streets where bright sunlight is pouring in. Even in the dark, I.M. is full of intense, deep charisma with his charming visuals, and exudes a unique atmosphere.

Especially, I.M completed a natural mood with comfortable yet uniqueness of strut fashion under a bit of mysterious and dreamy feeling, reveals another change with intense maturity, not the sexy and powerful image of the existing MONSTA X.

In addition, the upcoming single "HORIZON" has a special collaboration with ELHAE, an artist who has recently been paying attention to the U.S., to add to its expectations. Producer MILLIC also participated in music work and increased its perfection.

Based on this, music fans are drawing attention to what kind of musical development and growth I.M. will be able to show following its previously announced mix tape "Fly with me" and single "Madlen."

And he also performed brilliantly in MONSTA X's global activities by conducting in-person interviews with prominent media outlets around the world. MONSTA X, which includes I.M., is also continuing its colorful activities by hosting the WE ARE HERE, a world tour that encompasses 18 cities around the world.

IM's mix tape "HORIZON" was released on the 19th through popular U.S. music sites such as iTunes and Sportify, as well as soundcloud, a global online music distribution platform.

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