"Haechan's birthday event was held," said Fan & Star, a website that conveys information on idol rankings. While Haechan's birthday project, which started in 2017, has been successful for two consecutive years, attention is being paid to whether special birthday gifts can be delivered this year as well."

 Haechan's birthday support, which was held this year, consists of a plentiful goods. CM board (square column) of Seoul Subway Line 2 and SM board of Gangnam Station (wall) of Gangnam Station, 43 large rooms of Subway Line 2, CGV screen of Apgujeong, multi-vision of Hongdae Station, and advertisement products for treble buses are available.

Participation in support can be made at the "Star Market" section of the "Fan & Star" website. It is a way for fans to donate their hard-earned stars to Haechan's birthday event.

Attention is focusing on whether Haechan will be able to receive surprise birthday presents from fans for the third consecutive year.

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