Fan & Star, where fans and stars are together, opened the birthday market for the group H.O.T. Tony An on Friday. It is a birthday ad project in support format that allows fans from domestic and overseas to participate directly.

Tony An's birthday event will be held simultaneously on Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English websites. The number of stars (points that fans can gather on the site) that fans donate to the project will determine their success.

When 50,000 stars are collected, Tony An's birthday video will be sent to the CM board of Hapjeong Station on Subway Line 2 in Seoul. If 100,000 stars are collected, SM board (wall) of Gangnam Station, Subway Line No. 2, will also be shown.

If 200,000 stars are collected, congratulatory videos will also be shown on the electronic display board of the waiting room at 43 stations on Subway Line 2, and when 400,000 stars are reached, even the CGV screen in Apgujeong will be exposed. Furthermore, various gifts such as multi-vision of Hongdae Station and advertisements for treble buses are available, raising expectations.

Earlier, "Fan & Star" held Tony An's birthday project on May 11 last year. With the participation of many fans, 900 percent was achieved. In time for Tony An's birthday, a congratulatory video exposure and a City Cube commercial were conducted on the electronic display board of Shin-Okubo Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Daehabsil, Hongdae Station and Apgujeong CGV Screen on the subway line No. 2.

It is expected that Tony An's birthday project will succeed again this year.

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