BTOB Peniel will release his digital single "B.O.D." today (May 13).
The digital single "B.O.D." is a song inspired by South Korea's party culture by Peniel and producer and composer Cairo's KAIROS, a hip-hop genre that allows people to feel the energy and atmosphere of the party.

On the solo, Peniel said, "I've come to be inspired by a violent party culture, and I made it so that people can get rid of their stress through parties. Listening to this track, I hope everyone enjoys it together," he said, raising expectations.

Peniel released his solo song "THAT GIRL" through his solo single project "Piece of BTOB" with BTOB members in 2017, showing off his vocal skills as well as his signature charming and original rapping. 

Meanwhile, Peniel's digital single "B.O.D." will be released today at 6 p.m. on various online music sites.

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