Sunny Hill is coming back with new agency and new members.

Sunny Hill signed a contract with BOD Entertainment.

BOD Entertainment said "As all of the members have the best singing skills and overwhelming performance energy, we are confident that the domestic and the global marketing is possible, and we will build the future of Sunny Hill together based on mutual trust," 

And added word "We will give our full support to the members who are preparing to take a new leap forward, We are working on a new album as our goal in the first half of the year. I hope you'll pay a lot of attention to Sunny Hill and they will return with high-quality music and new charm."

Sunny Hill debuted in 2007, was loved by the risers by producing numerous masterpieces, including "Midnight Circus," "The Grasshoppers," "Is the White Horse Coming," MBC's "Best Love" and OST's "Pit A Pat," along with steady activities.

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