One of the AOMG artist, GRAY is back with a new song.

The agency AOMG said on April 26 “Gray will release his new digital single "TMI" through various online music sites on April 30”

AOMG released an image that appeared to have captured the "attribute" window of the music file through their official SNS, marking the news of Gray's release of the new album on April 25.

The released image seems to have shown general attributes such as the type and size of the file, but if you look closely, the new song's title "TMI" and the release date "Tuesday 6 p.m. on April 30, 2019.

The new report, titled "TMI" which means "too much information," raises questions about how Gray will solve the story.

Recently, Gray produced the title track "It’s been a while (Feat. Zion.T)" and Woo Won-jae's "Taste (Feat. GIRI BOY)" (Prod. By GRAY), both of which were the hottest EP [HELLO] albums before Loco’s joining the military.

And last month, he participated in the feature-making, writing and composing of MBC hip-hop survival program "KILL BILL" and music rhythm power's "Airport Incheon (Feature. Dynamic Duo & GRAY)" and continued his active career as a producer and rapper

Gray's new single "TMI" is available at 6 p.m. on April 30 through local and foreign music sites.

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