Kim Hee chul showed off his image as ‘Star of the Universe’.

Kim Hee chul's first solo digital single "Old Movie," released on April 24, proved his global popularity by topping the iTunes singles charts in seven regions worldwide, including El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Singapore and Malta.

"Old Movie," is a vintage-sensitive rock ballad composed by Super Junior, composed by Dong Hae and written by Hee chul himself, can meet Kim Hee chul's musical sensibility through honest lyrics such as "You can leave me and talk to a better person," and "Please You can't forget me forever."

In addition, the music video of "Old Movie," in which Shin dong captured the megaphone, shows the contrasting situations and emotions of men and women after the breakup, drawing attention from Kim Hee chul and actress Park Yu na, who worked as lovers.
Kim Hee-chul held the talk show "HEETalk" at the K-Art Hall in Seoul's Olympic Park on May 4 to 5 and communicated closely with fans.

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