[The Fact] A former member of the group Wanna One Kang Daniel, has topped the individual list of FAN N STAR for the 16th consecutive week.

From May 6 to 13, FAN N STAR held a vote in the second week of May under the theme 'Star Who Wants to Be Invited to TMA Next Year?' Kang Daniel came in first with 1,026,436 votes in the individual ranking vote. Kyu hyun followed with 160,574 votes to stay in second place, and Ye Sung earned 151,954 votes stay in third place.

FAN N STAR will show the news of the first-place celebration at the electronic display board located in Hongik University Station and Shinjuku, Japan, if the artist tops the individual rankings for five consecutive weeks. Also, if you win the top prize for 10 consecutive weeks, you will be inducted into the Hall of fame in Korea. Especially, it offers a variety of special benefits, including screening news of the awards through electronic display board located in Korea and Japan.

Fans are sending a lot of greeting messages, the nick name ‘녤루니피터’ said “Daniel, who is like a gift from my life, will cheer me on forever and walk with me. Thanks for trust that you gave us. Congratulations on your individual ranking. I'll always cheer for you like I do now. Thank you.”

Nick name ‘녤만봐라봐’ said “Congrats on Kang Daniel. I can't wait to see you Kang Daniel. Cheer up and love you”

Nick name 'Daneili' said ‘Kang Daniel I missed you so much! Let’s go together!! We’ll always be on your side!”

Kang Daniels won three gold medals at the U+5G The Fact Music Awards on April 24, winning the individual FAN N STAR Choice Award, the individual FAN N STAR majority vote, and the individual FAN N STAR hall of fame.

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