[The Fact] The group's Super Junior Ryeo wook has topped the FAN N STAR singer ranking for the sixth consecutive week.

Ryeo wook topped the rank with 995,859 votes in the second week of May for FAN N STAR, which ran from May 6 to 13. Hwang Chi yeul followed with 211,814 votes to stay in second place, and BTS got third with 176,632 votes.

FAN N STAR will screen the news of the first-place celebration at the electronic display board located in Shinjuku, South Korea and Japan, if the artist tops the list for the fifth consecutive week in the singer-ranking. Also, if you win the top prize for 10 consecutive weeks, you will be inducted into the Hall of Korea. Especially, it offers a variety of special benefits, including screening news of the awards through electronic displays board located in Korea and Japan.

On the news of Ryeo wook's No. 1 ranking, Nickname ‘려욱둥이’ said, "Let's go for 10 weeks."

FAN N STAR will hold a vote in the third week of May from May 13 to 20.

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