Singer Kim Dong han has unveiled his teaser video of new album.

The teaser video for the title track "FOCUS" for the third mini album "D-HOURS AM 7:03" was released through various music websites and official SNS of Kim Dong han on April 26.

The teaser video for "Hyperlapse Movement with FOCUS's Beat Flow," which was previously predicted through the comeback scheduler image, was a novel yet fresh album spoiler.

If the image that filmed the same scene at a certain time interval and turned the result quickly is calls timelapse, then the filming technique that adds to the change in location is called hyperlapse. In response, Kim Dong han will showcase various concepts, including superior visuals, as well as smoothness and intensity, through a video of hyperlabse versions tailored to the title song "FOCUS" beat.

Especially, Kim Dong han devoted himself to the album's work by directly participating in the composition of the title track and the album's performance, as well as the songwriting before his new album "D-HOURS AM 7:03." The release promotion of the album's contents, which also posts images and active videos, and Kim Dong han's artistic side are added to make the album look even higher in quality.

The third mini-album "D-HOURS AM 7:03" forward the title at 7:03 a.m., which earned motifs on 07:03AM, Kim Dong han's birthday. The five tracks, including the title track "FOCUS," offer dynamic energy in their own colors, while embodying another start at the same time as they embellish Kim Dong han's third installment of the time series that connects his debut album "D-DAY" with his second mini-album "D-NIGHT."

Kim Dong han's third mini album, "D-HOURS AM 7:03," was released on various music sites on May 1, and a comeback showcase was also held at the Blue Square I Market Hall in Yongsan on the same day to mark the album's release.

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